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Not On The High Street

Since 2006, Not On The High Street (NOTHS) has partnered with the UK’s best creative small businesses to create a stylish and unique online marketplace. Everything on the site comes directly from one of the artists or designers who make up a diverse, talented independent seller pool, and is managed through NOTHS' e-commerce and curation services.


NOTHS provides their artists and designers a data dashboard to track their product’s performance. As the partners needs grow, NOTHS is faced with the challenge to efficiently deliver more data to better equip their partner’s initiatives, identify action steps on their products, and ultimately increase sales. Therefore, NOTHS reached out to Mindera for help in providing a timely solution for more data and improving partner experience.

NOTHS Dashboard mockupNOTHS Dashboard mockup


With a strong and versatile team of seven motivated Minders that collaborated with NOTHS’ delivery manager, a series of functional and visual dashboard improvements have been implemented:

  • Technical solutions to improve the performance and usability of the data dashboard.
  • Data restructuring within the dashboard to represent a greater amount of useful information that is more convenient to the partners, while at the same time allowing it to grow more rapidly, always respecting the existing guidelines.
  • Improved Business Intelligence metrics embodied within the clean-cut layout, based on partners’ feedback and team’s input, empowering partners to make data-based decisions.

Value to the partners

By enriching the data dashboard with vital metrics on sales, trends, and performances, partners are able to track their products easier and more efficiently, empowering them to make strategic business decisions that are based on real-time data.

Value to NOTHS

Keeping partners happy is one of NOTHS’ key activities. With the introduction of the new data dashboard that is not only easy to use, but also convenient and tailored to their needs, its partners’ experiences increased, maintaining a strong partner retention.

With the help of Mindera's technical expertise, the NOTHS’ team can focus on solving business problems, while expanding its business even further.

Future plans

The data dashboard project is only the beginning of a long-lasting working relationship with NOTHS. While many more features and functionality are soon to be integrated, a new point of focus is the Content & Traffic project. The goal is to increase website traffic by freshening up the site’s content. For this project, Mindera’s team, that as a result increased in number, will be using ReactJS and Vert.x Java framework

We are part of the change; we are helping transform NOTHS because we are proving it is possible day-by-day. I can only imagine that is the reason why NOTHS loves working with us so much... and the feeling is mutual. Catarina Rebelo, Mindera Product Owner, NOTHS