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NuFACE transforms the way patients approach skincare by delivering clinically proven, non-invasive devices for ideal skin health. NuFACE’s flagship product is a non-invasive, at-home, easy-to-use, anti-aging handheld device that utilizes microcurrent technology for women who want to take anti-aging into their own hands.

Consumer Goods, Beauty/Medical Devices.
Project type
Custom Software Development, Shopify E-Commerce, and SEO optimization.
Tech used
Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Go-Lua, CoreOS, Liquid, JSON, NodeJS, SOAP, Shopify API, CSS and SCSS.


NuFACE’s marketing team was in need of a reliable tech partner to help them navigate the demands of a growing e-commerce business. NuFACE’s technical debt was slowing down the website and impacting SEO results and conversions, and Mindera was challenged to strike a balance between implementing new features that would keep NuFACE competitive in the marketplace, while addressing technical debt that was impacting the usability of the website.


Mindera formed their work with a strategic and technological approach to resolve the tech debt while integrating new features:

  • Supported NuFACE’s Marketing organization with ongoing development initiatives aimed at enhancing the e-commerce website for NuFACE consumers.
  • Created tools to interpret 3rd party pixel information for NuFACE to better understand consumer traffic, while capitalizing on their trending products and content.
  • Implemented an auto-replenishment program to continue to positively shape the user experience.
  • Conducted a website audit to identify and resolve broken or malfunctioning elements, as well as ascertain and delete or refactor unused or outdated code and plugins.
  • Optimized the site for SEO, speed, and user experience.


  • In Mindera, NuFACE has found a great tech partner on whom they can rely for top-of-shelf service. Our team is able to seamlessly translate marketing requirements into technical specifications, and implement creative technology solutions that support NuFACE's marketing efforts.
  • Provided their marketing team solutions from a content standpoint to better their SEO.
  • Designed a feeder to report information from their platform to all their 3rd party vendors. It has become a pivotal marketing tool for NuFACE to optimize their marketing efforts and drive more customers to their cart.
  • Generated a significant increase of additional revenue due to the successful implementation of the auto-renewal tool.

NUFACE auto renual tool

Mindera has been a great technical partner for us. With Mindera, we are able to stay in front of technical challenges and always offer our customers best-in-class service on our website. Additionally, Mindera’s SEO services have helped us increase our visibility considerably in a very short time, allowing us to expand our reach and tell more people about the innovative offerings that make up NuFACE’s product line. I consider Mindera as our “right hand” tech team, and a critical part of our digital marketing success. Their partnership and support is invaluable to our day-to-day business. Alexis Djeredjian, Digital Marketing Director, NuFACE

Future Plans

The NuFACE Mindera partnership has no indication of slowing down. We are tackling new features to enhance the customer's experience & security. Included in the backlog are features that include Conversion Optimization, more advanced UX Personalization, Consumer Loyalty enhancements, as well as ongoing support for critical e-commerce optimization and anti-fraud measures.

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