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Performance testing and scalability

Performance testing and scalability

Build and run large-scale performance testing

Use our performance testing process to exercise your applications and simulate peak loads. Through the testing process, we’ll help isolate and resolve bottlenecks to ensure your system is scaled appropriately and can handle peak loads.

We understand that many businesses make significant revenues during specific peak periods. Being during weekends, specific public events or bank holidays (football matches, black Friday, cyber-Monday, Christmas, etc). We’ll work diligently with you to ensure your system is ready.

Consultancy services

Our experienced engineers are ready to work with you throughout the architecture and software development process to ensure applications are free of bottlenecks and can scale horizontally.

Performance Testing and Continuous Delivery

With systems that are constantly evolving and changing, it is important to consider performance testing as part of the continuous delivery pipelines. From our perspective, performance testing is just another aspect of Quality Assurance and needs to be fully automated as part of the integration testing and production deployments.