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Product Development

Product Development

We have the capability to build and operate products by taking ideas all the way from concept through design, architecture, development and production operation and maintenance;

We have been able to successfully establish strategic partnerships to build innovative and commercial sound products such:


Statful is a powerful telemetry system.

It enables the instrumentation of complex and high performance environments by capturing and orchestrating metrics from software applications, physical devices or business logic.

statful dashboard Statful dashboard

Player Index

Player Index is a totally unique concept that can work across any sport, in any country, for sports fans to invest in the performance of individual sports players’ be that in-play, pre-play, over a day, a season, or any timescale in between.

playerindex mobile app Player Index mobile app


We cater all forms of digital advertising to save you, the publisher, wasted time trying to locate the best. Our dedicated sales, accounts and ad ops teams are here to analyse your current position and advise you on the best advertising methods to generate you the most revenue.

Mindamp dashboard Mindamp dashboard