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Technology, development and consultancy

Technology, development and consultancy

On-site and remote technology

Rapidly expand your engineering teams by using our on-site and remote services. We can build complete software delivery teams to tailor your specific needs, be it a specific technology or development process.

As such, you can use Mindera to create hybrid extensions of your own software engineering force that can grow or contract in a flexible way to match your business requirements.

API and Platform Development

Develop and resilience scalable backend systems to support your business needs. We use a variety of development strategies and technologies (i.e. Java, NodeJS, .NET, React, Ruby) and have a proven track record in delivering applications to support both small and large scale systems – learn more in our published case studies.

Native mobile applications

We have specialized mobile teams that can create stunning application experiences by taking advantages of native development for both the Android and iOS eco-systems.

User Experience and Design

Great products need engaging designs and smooth user experiences. We have a team of designers that can work with your business stakeholders to produce stunning visuals and translate your ideas into practical, easy to learn and natural user experiences.

Software and Solutions Architecture

Mindera Software Architects can do comprehensive analysis on your systems to provide recommendations and detailed architectural documents to help drive the software development process.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery focuses on optimizing the process of delivering software from development to production. This is core to all our development processes and we offer consultancy specifically on the subject to help you meet your business software delivery needs.

Cloud Strategies for scalability, resilience and redundancy

Deploying software on a cloud such as Amazon, Google Cloud, Azure can provide boosts in terms of resiliency and redundancy and, as importantly, and significant impact on your infrastructure costs given their auto-scaling capabilities;

Rapid prototyping

Need to build something fast just to prove a concept before you commit to a project. We offer rapid-prototyping skills that you can rely on to test your ideas.

Quality Testing

Need someone to test your own applications or/and build automation to prevent regressions in your system as you continue to evolve it? We offer both functional and automated testing and can work with your own teams to build a testing strategy that you can trust.