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We are an emerging software startup at the heart of sunny Porto in Portugal. Based on the principles of lean and self-management, at Mindera we believe that building software can be crafted in a simple and fast manner. We build high performance, resilient and scalable software systems to enable businesses across locations. We develop our projects by thinking Agile and focusing on building value-adding products!

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  1. Junior Online Advertising Agent

    With a strong knowledge of the digital media space that can optimise website revenue streams across multiple technologies, whilst offering a truly tailored service.
  2. Graduate Software Engineer

    We’re looking for graduate software engineers who are looking to learn how to work on the whole (web) application stack.
  3. Frontend Software Engineer

    You will be building fluid and responsive user interfaces for multiple platforms and devices.

The Journal

We have published these recently.

  1. From the pyramids to the plains

    For 8 years I lived in a couple of pyramids.

    Pyramids are imposing, majestic structures. I believe they create in us the sense that they are almost divine. They are suppose to be there. They are suppose to have that shape.They will clearly outlast us.

    Next to them we are very small. We seem to be too small. Too small to have any impact in them. Too small to mean something.

    Even though we somehow feel safe and at home on them. We feel part. We are part of the pyramid. We are somehow where we should be.

    Well… I’ve left the pyramids into the plains.

  2. ‘‘Jenkins a la Travis’’

    If you are working in a company that want to keep it's Continuous Integration Server internally, probably, like us, you are using Jenkins. It's robust, versatile and not at all complex to use. However it lacks job management usability at scale. When you have to deal with more than 10 jobs, it starts to be a boring and error prone task. What about using the same strategy that new CI tools are using? Like Travis for instance. Wouldn't it be fantastic if we had a file in our code repository that Jenkins could recognise and execute jobs accordingly? 

    At Mindera we use Jenkins like that. Using an open source tool called Jenkins Job Builder and by 'eating our own dog food', we configure our jobs with a simple YAML file, that sits next to the project code in the version control. This enables us to manage jobs configurations not only for CI but also for CD with just a YAML file.

  3. A Taste of Unit Testing for the Client Side

    One of the most important steps to unit test the front-end of our app (being it a client-side app or not) is writing testable code. This post comes as an introduction both to the concept of unit testing and to writing testable code.

  4. The Product Owner role

    When thinking about Product Owner tasks, the creation of User Stories and backlog maintenance are always identified as the most important things that a Product Manager/Owner delivers to their development teams. But the role of a Product Owner involves much more than the simple translation between business requirements and well-known-everyone-accepted User Stories template.

    If you want to get an overview on how we do it here in Mindera, keep reading.

  5. Why we don't have people managing other people

    The short answer is because we believe people don’t need to be managed. Take a few minutes to think about some of the actions you took to get out of your house today. Maybe setting your alarm clock last night; white top or stripy one; will I need an umbrella?, eggs or fruit for breakfast… Let’s go with both. Anyway, I think you get the picture. There were quite a few thoughts, actions and decisions here, and you probably did most of those on your own! Congratulations, you have managed to leave the house without supervision from another adult!

  6. Designing beautiful automated browser tests

    During the last two years I worked with development teams that write their own automated tests. That’s right, developers who also write automated tests. However, sometimes developers tend to think that automating is boring and the lack of discipline when writing automated tests becomes a real problem. That problem reflects in the quality of the tests. That becomes evident when the tests are failing “for no apparent reason”. The majority of the times, the reasons are badly written tests or negligence.

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