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What To Expect When You Apply To Mindera 2.0

Ana Santos.

Ana Santos - IT Recruiter

2022 Jun 15 - 1min. Read


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Six happy Minders on a Mac screen.

What To Expect When You Apply To Mindera 2.0.

Since our last post, our recruitment process has changed. It couldn’t be any other way, after all, the world has altered a lot in the past three years. You know nothing is static and, as humans, we grow, learn, and adapt!

That’s why I am here today to talk you through how we are doing hiring at Mindera!

Why have we changed our recruitment process?

Mindera is growing consistently all around the world, there are more than 900 Minders in over six countries and in many continents.

As a result of this and more, recruitment at Mindera is a never-ending job. Some of our open positions such as frontend or backend will probably never close while we are growing, but that is a discussion for another day.

How does our interview process work?

Everyone in Mindera is welcome to get involved in our recruitment process, with the ever-growing changes and evolution in the IT world and our needs that keep changing all the time.

So, you'll meet a few of us, and each time you do, it's an opportunity to see Mindera in a different way.

Enough small talk, let’s get to the point. Here are some of the important things to expect if you participate in our interview process. Their order varies according to our locations, with each area having its own way of hiring our wonderful Minders.

Technical challenge

We breathe tech at Mindera and want to know that your lungs are full of the same lovely air. Our way of finding this out is to have a nice tech chat with you or give you a tasty tech test.

For some positions, backend, for example, you will always have a 30 min call by Meet — we will explain why in a future post, keep checking our blog! In other positions this first call may or may not happen.

Usually, we talk a bit about Mindera, about yourself and your experience (projects, technologies, teams, etc..) and we answer any questions that you may have.

Some pipelines (almost all of our positions, really) have a technical test. This coding challenge is sent through DevSkiller (a testing platform) and, depending on the technology, the exercise may have a different duration to be completed.

This is where our developers' team starts helping the recruitment team and evaluating your technical skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. The way in which you solve this gives us our starting point for the technical interview.

Technical interview

It’s way more than just a check-in of your technical skills. It’s the time to think outside the box, share knowledge, and ask some technical questions that are on your mind.

You'll have two of our developers with you for two hours, talking about your experience, what is it like to work with us, and solving some challenges! These Minders may be your teammates in the future!

Cultural interview

Nothing really changes in this part. We continue to have the same Mindera culture (you can check our handbook to know more) and still want to make sure we’re a fit for you and that you will contribute to our culture. We also talk about expectations, perks, and other things.

We make you an offer

Woooee! We’re delighted that you’ve made it through our interview process, passing it with flying colours. Here’s where we make you an offer to join Mindera.

And yes, it’s true, the salary comparison model continues to exist. This is because we believe that it’s a fair model where we can keep everything levelled for everyone. But we have a trio of blog posts that explain everything about salaries at Mindera.

Some of the other things that may happen

Mindera is based in six countries and the peeps from each nation like doing things in their own special ways. It means, depending on the location you’re applying to, there are some other things that may happen during your interview journey.

It might be that you speak to one of our clients. It could be that the position you apply for doesn’t need a test. It may be that you skip one of the parts of the interview process. It could even be something else — things can change!

How we find our amazing Minders

We begin by sourcing potential Minders. The team of talent sourcers at Mindera are like detectives . They look at possible candidates through different platforms — e.g. LinkedIn, GitHub, Cord, etc.... And if they contact you it is because they really believe that you are a strong suit for Mindera!

We also work with some consultancy agencies that send us some candidates. And, of course, we also have people who apply directly to our job applications and through spontaneous applications.

Once we’ve found some awesome people, we then go through a screening process. This hasn't changed, we still look at your CV and your answers to our questions (if these apply) and we check your experience in a similar position, relevant technologies, and other details that can give us information about if you’re a technical fit.

In conclusion

We have changed and adapted these last few years and we will continue to because we want to keep improving your experience. We will try a lot of different things in the process. Some will not prevail but some will be life-changing.


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Ana Santos.

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IT Recruiter

Ana is a proud dog mom. She’s a foodie who can’t live without cheese! She likes to be with her loved ones and meet new people but also enjoys her own time. Ana likes travelling, learning new things, DIY projects, Disney, Pixar, HP, LOR, and more.

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