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Mindera at Devoxx Morocco: A Tech and Culture Fusion

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Mindera - Global Software Engineering Company

2024 Jan 5 - 1min. Read


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Devoxx Morocco 2023!

Mindera At Devoxx Morocco

Mindera's adventure into the Moroccan tech scene started in November 2022, and it kicked off with a discovery: Devoxx Morocco, a three-day developer gathering nestled in the vibrant city of Agadir. The catalyst? A chance meeting with the organisers, a dynamic startup in Casablanca. We were impressed by their energy.

Our attraction to the event stemmed from the nature of X-hub, the organising startup behind Devoxx Morocco, and how we felt welcomed. From this meeting, we decided to jump on board, sponsor the event, and set up our booth.

Some of the team who attended Devoxx Morocco enjoying a meal together

Fast forward to October 2023: Picture Agadir for three days, teeming with tech enthusiasts and international speakers with their global perspectives. That was Devoxx Morocco. We could feel the excitement in the air of tech innovation, making it a prime setting for networking, knowledge exchange, and soaking in the global tech pulse.

Our team of 8 Minders, a fusion of Portuguese, Brazilian, and Moroccan talent, including developers, recruiters, and operations team members, brought a blend of skills and cultural nuances to the event. Each member played a pivotal role, representing Mindera and contributing to the event's dynamism.

Some of the team who attended Devoxx Morocco enjoying a meal together

Our objectives were straightforward—put Mindera on the Moroccan tech radar, engage with developers, soak up the culture, and potentially spot new team members. The event was ideal for showcasing our work and establishing genuine connections within the local tech community.

Our booth, a beacon of bright yellow with comfortable pouffe chairs, extended a warm invitation to connect with the participants and discuss software development. The booth witnessed a flurry of activity as individuals from various backgrounds engaged in insightful conversations and soaked in the tech ambience.

Devoxx Morocco transcended the realm of tech, evolving into a cultural exchange. Meeting individuals face-to-face and sharing diverse stories provided a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded tech enthusiasts from across the globe, making the journey truly unforgettable.

Our participation at Devoxx Morocco was not only successful in achieving our goals but also in immersing ourselves in a cultural experience. From the warm reception to the cross-border unity within the tech community, every moment was a testament to the significance of personal connections. Here's a toast to more collaborative endeavours until our paths cross again, Devoxx!

3 Minders standing in our Booth at Devoxx Morocco. The background is the Mindera yellow with our Minder logo patterned on. A TV screen sits below our slogan on the wall.

We caught up with some of our Minders who attended:

Cainã Brazil - FE Dev:

“For me, The Devoxx conference was amazing. Despite being heavily focused on Java and BE development (not my taste) and the FE track being very beginner-friendly, I attended some really fulfilling Architecture and Security talks. Namely, Microservices vs Monolith by Scott Sosna, a similar one about Weaver by Google, and Design Patterns by Kaya Weers. The FrontEnd one, that was eye-opening: Qwik and Lazy Hydration by Ayoub Alouane; unfortunately, other interesting FE talks were in French.

Apart from the few sessions where I learned so much, my biggest outcome from the trip was being in contact with different people. Sharing conversations with various individuals from Morocco, Nigeria, Netherlands, and Algeria made me grow so much; seeing the world through people with completely different backgrounds, another language, another alphabet, and religions made me fall in love again with the openness of software development and how, every day, good people strive to make all platforms more accessible and inclusive.

I’d recommend anyone who hasn’t been in contact with devs from outside Europe to go to events abroad. It makes the world so much smaller, and walls are instantly torn down.”

Abdelouahab Mbarki - DevOps

“From a DevOps perspective, it was okay. Some workshops were advanced and pretty useful, but many sessions felt basic. For someone new, those sessions might be a good starting point. I'd rate it 3 out of 5.

On the networking side, it was better. I met a bunch of people and had some good discussions. That's a 4 out of 5 for me.

From a Minder angle, the event was a hit for me. I met some really amazing people and had some memorable moments. Easy 5 out of 5 there.

All in all, a solid 4 out of 5. Worth the time!”

two photos in a collage of our booth at devoxx morocco. in the first picture, we see the front of the mooth with the mindera logo at the top. in the second picture, we see the team standing in the booth.


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The yellow Minder icon against a black background on the homepage of the website for software engineering company Mindera.

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