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Fuel A Wish - Volunteering And Fulfilling Wishes Of Kids

Mindera - India - IN Team

2022 Sep 19 - 1min. Read


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Fuel A Wish by Mindera – India

Kindness is rooted in our culture, and service is a tradition at Mindera. We create and join different volunteering and charity initiatives and love contributing to society. "Fuel A Wish", a project fuelled by the Minders in India in association with the Rotary Club of Chennai Towers, can speak for this.

On the 17th of September, the team joined the Rehoboth Paraniputhur Special School's Sports Day to deliver gifts from all parts of India to kids with autism and other disabilities from economically underprivileged backgrounds.

Fuel A Wish Mindera India

After picking up the list of the kids, the listed items were collected over several weeks and organised in the Mindera Chennai office. This overwhelming goodwill was something incredible to witness.

Fuel A Wish Mindera India Gifts

From Prashaath's words:

To all the minders who relished scrolling online, imagining the kids' reaction when finding the wished toys and wrapping them, I would like to share the euphoric feeling of pleasure I experienced in seeing the kids adoringly opening and playing with these toys in pure joy.

All the kids participated in an event irrespective of their disabilities. I was astonished to witness activities like visual tracking and kneel racing. These kids were already excited to celebrate their Sports Day after two years of waiting due to COVID; we are glad we could add a few centimetres to their ever-smiling faces.

Fuel A Wish Mindera India Fuel A Wish Mindera India Fuel A Wish Mindera India Fuel A Wish Mindera India Fuel A Wish Mindera India


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