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Mindera’s Spin On Consulting

Richard Hilsley - Consulting & Client Services

2023 Dec 5 - 1min. Read


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Mindera and our consulting process.

Mindera Consulting

We love building relationships and forming genuine partnerships with clients. It’s one of the things we like most about the work we do, empathising with your core issues and ambitions and then working hard to deliver results. We see things as an improvement journey, incremental steps forward in the right direction, not rhetoric and big promises.

Mindera Consulting was born with this mindset – to advise, guide and lead on technology solutions and improvements in people & processes that are more systemic. It’s not about a separate organisation, with a different breed of person, a “consultant”, with all the stereotypes often associated with this; instead, we talk about consultative skills that are often needed to support our work with clients, to bring leadership, influence and drive change for the better. We want to make our clients more efficient and productive and build happier places of work.

What improvements do we drive?

The answer, of course, varies, but certainly, it’s more than just software engineering. We look at the whole, how the work ‘works’, which poses questions around planning, architecture, delivery processes, organisation design, data, behaviours & culture. The truth is that these aspects are inextricably linked; hard-fought improvements in one area alone often fail to really register, to meaningfully turn the dial on speed or cost of delivery - to shorten the ‘idea-to-value’ cycle time, you could say. For example, a well-designed product-aligned technology organisation with autonomous squads and mature CI/CD pipelines actually means very little when operating in a bureaucratic environment with strict governance controls that seeks certainty and instils a fear of failure.

Leave the campground cleaner than you found it

Mindera Consulting is about driving change. Its purpose is to make our clients a little better in technology delivery and operations than they were the day before, and then repeat. We prefer to avoid the word ‘Transformation’ (an overloaded term) and there are rarely many genuine quick wins, unfortunately. Instead, it’s about an improvement journey and one that is open-ended and can adapt. Creating a learning organisation is the ultimate goal.

How we work

Through listening, assessment and honest discussion, we form a clear understanding of where you are now and map out where you want to get to. Critically though, we pay a lot of attention to how you’ll get there, which exposes some of the hidden complexity with the current technology landscape, process efficiency, delivery capability and organisational dynamics.

We bring honest advice and experienced leadership to go on an improvement journey together. Changes are always done with you, never to you.

We know every client is different, so we don’t pretend to have all the answers at the start, but we have the experience to know the best path to follow and the pragmatism to adapt as we go, together.

Get in touch today to understand how we can help your business thrive.


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About Richard

Consulting & Client Services

I have over 25 years of wide-ranging industry experience in sectors including eCommerce, retail, financial services, travel and gaming. I lead our Consulting and Client Services, helping to scale Mindera and keep us in line with the changing needs of our clients.

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